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Happy Winter!

Even if it's cold, there's so much to enjoy... like snowflakes! Clear, cold days, and warm nights with friends! New experiences every day! Enjoy your winter!

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Recent Projects

Sprout’s Story

Sprout arrived very recently, and he lives in a tiny grassy spot surrounded by bushes and trees. There are lots of things he likes in his little home! He likes the soft dirt, and the smell of the leaves, and the blue sky. He thinks the rain is pretty but he doesn’t like that it makes him wet! Click here to read more about Sprout and his story.

Meeting Friends

Sprout loves meeting new friends, and he has already met some very good and very important friends. They are all very different, and he met some of them in very unusual ways! Find out who Sprout’s friends are, and stay tuned – we’ll tell you about more of them soon!

Sprout’s Musings

Sprout is a quiet fellow who likes to look around, and see everything he can see. And then he likes sit and think. Here are some of the things he thinks about.

Let Sprout Brighten Someone’s Day!

Look here for some great gifts with Sprout’s picture on them! Give yourself a smile, or a smile for a friend!

What's New!

Sprout exploring…

Sprout is doing some looking around! There will be many new things for him to look at soon – stay tuned!

Happy Thankful Day!

Sprout and all his friends are feeling very thankful this week, and hope that you have lots to be grateful for too. Have a very happy Thanksgiving Day!

About "It's a Visual" And Helen Waters

Helen M. Waters is a primarily self-taught artist and illustrator, currently living in Boston, MA. She started drawing early and always enjoyed it, spending as much time doodling on the margins of school notebooks and book covers as doing projects in art classes. She attributes much of her style to this kind of “daydreaming with pen”.

“I love telling a story,” she says. “The best illustrations will capture a viewer in the first instant, just as a brilliant opening sentence will grab the reader of a book. Then the more you look, the more you can see.”

Her inspirations are everyday moments. “I find that every moment has something special whether in visual color, language, feeling, or gesture. There is so much that makes me smile, that inspires my images, and I hope you may feel a bit of what I felt creating them.”

Please visit Helen's website:
Helen M. Waters
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